Europe-1How expensive is it to travel across Europe?

Europe is one destination that is sought after by travellers across the world, accompanied by, almost inevitable, the above question. While there are definitely a lot of cheaper destinations that you could travel to, none match the beauty and charm of this continent.

The good thing is that there are also a lot of great ways to experience Europe while staying on a budget. After-all, isn’t backpacking through Europe at the top of the checklist for amateur and even the most seasoned travellers?

There are many ways to cut costs and travel Europe. Let’s give your wallets some rest and deep dive into how you can save.

Eurail Pass


By far the most popular option for all travellers, irrespective of whether or not you’re on a budget. Apart from the opportunity to leisurely view the lush landscapes of Europe, the Eurail Pass also provides one of the more cheaper options of travel. If you have limited time and want to move around quickly, it is also the best option. Choose between regional passes, global passes, (every country) or “build your own” passes. Eurail also allows you to choose your stops as you go, which permits you to discover Europe at your own pace and style. The number of days range from the minimum of three to as long as unlimited travel for 3 months!

Budget airlines


Budget airlines are probably the best way to travel Europe on a limited budget and time. A lot of airline companies like Easy Jet, Ryan Air, offer the cheapest fare deals throughout Europe. Head to the airline websites directly to scour the best deals. For instance, some of the fares can be as low as $25 for a trip from Rome to Barcelona; can you believe it!? Just remember to read the fine print to avoid any hassles.

Stay in hostels


Most hostels in Europe was clean, safe and cheap. Plus, they provide a great way to meet fellow travellers from different countries and get to know the world a little better. There are many websites for finding hostels where you can view available rooms by location. The dorm-style rooms are usually the cheapest, so go for them unless you have issues sharing rooms with strangers. On the plus side, it’s always fun to meet a bunch of interesting people through this experience.

Bike your way around


This one is fast gaining popularity and includes taking a few months off and cycling around the country. This is the cheapest among all Europe travel experiences. The only limits of distance is how far and fast your legs can carry you. Plus, it could get a little lonely on the road. On the positive side, it’s the best way to shave off any holiday weight.

Eat like a local

Europe Street-5

Foods tend to be pretty expensive at popular tourist spots, so the best bet when trying to travel on a budget in Europe is to eat the way a local would. Most of these cheaper local restaurants are normally just around the corner from that pretty, but super expensive Parisian cafe you were eyeing. So, go take a walk, chat up some locals and find the best eating places that offer humongous deals. If you like street food, you’d be surprised to know how cheap it is in Europe. For example, you can grab a slice of pizza in Rome for only a couple of euros, and a waffle in Brussels for just 1 euro!

So don’t miss out on this spectacular part of the world because of budget limitations. Go, get planning!

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