How to make the best of Vietnam in 48 hours

Vietnam is rightly a traveller’s paradise. With jaw-dropping scenery, a rich repository of heritage, some of the most scrumptious food, and unforgettable experiences lurking around on every corner of the country, a vacation in the Land of the Ascending Dragon is unparalleled to any other experience. Whether it’s exploring the world’s most astounding cave systems in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, or kitesurfing the tropical oceanic waters off Mui Ne, and roaming around ancient temples displaying Chinese influences, there is just too much ground to cover.

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The cheapest ways to travel across Europe

Europe-1How expensive is it to travel across Europe?

Europe is one destination that is sought after by travellers across the world, accompanied by, almost inevitable, the above question. While there are definitely a lot of cheaper destinations that you could travel to, none match the beauty and charm of this continent.

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Top 10 heritage tourist attractions around the world


Understanding heritage is vital, not only because it gets in immense revenue for the tourism industry, but also because it gives travellers a chance to truly understand a place, its culture and its people. The older the sites, the more interesting their stories and legends.

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The most gorgeous places around the world for a perfect destination wedding


When it comes to celebrating the most special day of your life and making your wedding celebrations unforgettable, nothing compares to a destination wedding. It can be daunting to choose among dozens of the world’s most stunning wedding destinations, however, knowing the type of wedding you want and the kind of adventures you are up for can make the task easier.

From tropical getaways to vibrant cities, there’s always a location perfect for every couple, especially for those who think of a destination wedding as the perfect opportunity to sneak in an unfulfilled travel wish, and turn it into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Bring out your notebooks and jot down this list of some of the best destinations for the perfect travel wedding.

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How to plan the perfect road trip


It’s that time of the year – packing up your essentials in the boot of your car and hitting the open road with friends or family. A road trip is like a right of passage; a must-do in every traveller’s bucket list.

However, planning that perfect road trip can be an exhausting and daunting task. There are logistics to plan, bookings to be made and exigencies to consider. But don’t fret, yet.

We are here to help you safely overcome those speed bumps and plan the smoothest road trip of your life.

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The world’s best destinations for LGBT Pride celebrations

June is the month of LGBT Pride, and the plethora of pride festivals around the world bring out the best of cities. With the colourful and the bold, mingling with all the glam, glitz, and never-ending music, thousands of LGBT people fill up the streets to celebrate and raise a voice for the welfare of the community. And it’s not just the members of the LGBT community, but also people from every other walk of life who come to partake in the celebrations.

From the streets of New York City to the pride festival in Brazil, here is our list of the top destinations that have a penchant for bright and gay festivals

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The many ways that make travel good for your mental health



Have you ever felt stuck in a rut and all you wanted to do was pack your bags for a change of scenery? What excites you the most about travel – meeting new people, getting the chance to Instagram fabulous sunsets or sipping pina colada on a secluded beach?

All this and more can work wonders for transforming your daily life. It’s no news that travel is good for your physical wellbeing, but now a significant amount of scientific research also suggests that exploring a new place can do wonders for your mental and emotional health as well.

Here are a few reasons why travelling can help change your outlook towards life for the better, making your mind healthy and happy in the process

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Why you should always go for customized holiday packages

business-3268751_960_720Planning a trip to a new place can be a daunting task. There are many important things that have to be taken care of, which is why most people and travel advisors suggest booking a complete holiday package. This is because when you book an all-inclusive holiday package, you get everything taken care of by your trip operator. This is especially a great idea when it comes to international travel, since it carries more formalities.

However, when it comes to travel, there is never a one-size-fits-all policy.

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The top spiritual journeys in India

stagesSince the beginning of recorded time, people across the world have been gathering for in India for a dose of the spiritual and the peaceful. From meditative Yoga sessions to a brush with ancient wisdom in the form of gurus and their teachings spiritual – there is always something for everyone who seeks India to seek within.

However, the question always remains – where to start? We are going to share with you a list of places in India where you can get the most out of your spiritual travels.

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Top 5 amazing South African road trips

south-africa-1982418_960_720South Africa is a country of astounding diversity. Home to some of the most magnificent roads, the continent’s best safari destinations, a rich history and dramatic landscapes, South African is probably one of the better countries for some cross-country road-tripping to experience all that it offers.

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